Venus Transit 2012: Are You Ready?

Screenshot from NASA Science’s video showing what the transit of Venus looks like.
(Credit: NASA Science)

The momentous Venus transit begins at sunset today in North America and ends at sunrise tomorrow in Europe.

Astrologically this is THE big  event of 2012 – and won’t happen again until 2117.

Astrologically it signifies a major shift for the consciousness and spiritual unfolding of humanity.

Venus is the Soul ruler of Gemini, and Gemini rules the evolution of humanity and the unfolding of humanity’s Divine Purpose as ‘one body of humanity’ in service to the evolution and spiritual ‘birthing’ of the Earth.

This  signifies a momentous shift throughout the heart of humanity, a deeper connectedness with each other, and the unfolding of our Divine Purpose as custodians and spiritual midwives to our Earth home.

This transit brings a high frequency of Divine Love and light onto the planet and it is our job to open our hearts and receive it,  in recognition of the oneness of all that is, and each other. This energy connects us through our heart center. Although officially Venus transits the Sun later today, the process has already begun. We have been feeling these energies with increasing intensity for some years now and this is not only the ‘high point’ but the culmination of a process which has been unfolding and increasingly opening our hearts to one another, and our Earth home.

It is important today and tomorrow to spend some time in meditation, with your awareness resting gently in your heart center. While it may be exciting to watch this transit, it is even more important to feel it energetically, within your own heart.

Read more about the significance of Venus, Gemini and the evolution of humanity in  Mercury, Venus and the Inner Journey of Gemini and read more about this transit in Venus 2012: The Apocalypse and the Power of Love.


Ruth Hadikin is a Soul Path Coach, Author and Soul Astrologer.

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