Virgo Rising: The Virgo Soul

Finding our vocation, discovering the place of wholeness where we can fully be and express ourselves through our life’s work, is the highest purpose of Virgo. Before we can do this we have to ‘purify’ the fear-based expressions of Virgo and access the highest love-based expression of this beautiful sign… … More Virgo Rising: The Virgo Soul


Mercury, The Moon, and The Inner Journey of Virgo

After the Moon has done her earlier work in Cancer, creating the conditions for us to transform negative emotions into positive altruistic states such as compassion, she returns in Virgo to teach us how to flow the subtle physical energies of compassion through the subtle channels that have been created by Mercury. Again this is a two-way street that speaks to the highest purpose of Virgo. Through the channels created by Mercury and under the conditions created by the Moon, we experience a greater expansion of Divinity into physical form and come one step closer to experience our Soul: that ‘droplet’ of Divinity which resides within each of us. Likewise as a result of the expansion of the Human Heart and a greater flow of human compassion, there is a greater experience of human potential, within the Divine. … More Mercury, The Moon, and The Inner Journey of Virgo

Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 2)

It is under the influence of Pisces that each ‘cell’ in the Sacred Heart of Humanity, each ‘drop’ in the ocean of consciousness, ripens, matures, and starts beating ‘in synch’ with the Divine. Such is the magnificence and importance of Pisces. There isn’t much that can be said that offers consolation to the personality. Pisces is associated with death because there is a symbolic death. Symbolically, the personality ‘dies’ in this sign – it ‘fuses’ with the Soul as the individual becomes fully Soul-Centered. … More Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 2)

Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 1)

The sign of Pisces embodies oceanic consciousness. Water signs are all about Mastery of emotions and mutable signs are all about change, so that gives us a clue to the higher purpose of this sign. Collectively, under the influence of Pisces, we are here to transform through our emotions. As the sign of oceanic consciousness Pisces is aware of, and experiences, the consciousness of humanity. This is why Pisces has the reputation of being the most sensitive sign of all. … More Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 1)

Virgo-Pisces: Returning (Part 1)

For any of us, one way to distinguish if we are personality-oriented or Soul-oriented, is to check whether we are internally or externally focused. When we are internally focused, we align with our Soul path and have an inner focus. We are conscious of our thoughts words and actions, our inner motivations and drives, and we follow our inner wisdom. When we are externally focused we are like a leaf blowing in the wind. … More Virgo-Pisces: Returning (Part 1)

Pisces-Virgo: Completing The Age of Spiritual Redemption

Through the path of Virgo, we will discover the highest truth of Pisces: the mystery of the Sacred Heart. Once we have discovered, through our own experience, the truth of ourselves as living Souls, we begin to flow our energy differently into the world. Through conscious connection with our “Sacred Self,” we activate the Sacred Heart energy. … More Pisces-Virgo: Completing The Age of Spiritual Redemption

The 6 Energy Polarities of the Zodiac

On a Soul level the polarities take on a new meaning. They speak more of a journey…. as the Tibetan says (through Alice Bailey in “The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Interpretation”) “what begins in Aries is resolved in Libra” .. so this speaks to evolution, development, and a journey upon which we acquire skills and knowledge for our Soul’s growth.
“We may break a piece of magnetized steel as often as we like, we shall never be able to separate the positive from the negative pole; each fragment will always have both. This shows that polarity is an aspect of unity, not an arbitrary duality but an inseparable whole” … More The 6 Energy Polarities of the Zodiac