Mercury, Venus and The Inner Journey of Gemini

©Ruth Hadikin 2012

Gemini Season is here again bringing with it the interplay of light through form. The Soul which began its journey in Aries as a ‘point of light in the mind of God’, became a beam of light in Taurus, and now divides into multiple beams of light in Gemini. Think of the quality of sunshine playing through the leaves, or the dancing sparkles of light on water and you have the light, playful, fairy-like quality of Gemini. The one becomes many, and the Divine dance has begun.

Don’t misunderstand the playfulness of light, indeed a sense of play is in the nature of light and is inherent in the whole of Creation. The apparent superficial quality of Gemini belies his deepest mysteries: the mystery of Life and the mysteries of our Divine purpose as a spiritually awakened Humanity. Gemini is associated with the breath, and indeed the Divine use of the breath, through words and sound is a clue to the deepest mysteries of Gemini.

Gemini has three planetary ‘rulers’ each of which is important in understanding these deeper mysteries of Gemini. The personality ruler of Gemini is Mercury, the Soul ruler of Gemini is Venus and the Hierarchical ruler of Gemini is the Earth herself. [Esoterically Venus and Earth are said to be sister planets.] Indeed it is through Gemini that Humanity fulfills it’s Divine purpose as custodian for Earth and the elemental kingdoms. Gemini connects us to the etheric and the elemental at one and the same time. This apparent sign of duality is actually a sign of multiplicity, connection and communion. Through Gemini we realize our interconnectedness with one another, Earth and her creatures, and all sentient beings.

At the personality level Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods. Esoterically Mercury is responsible for the development of the Rainbow Bridge, or Antahkarana, connecting lower and Higher Mind. It is through Mercury that we learn to connect and commune with our Higher Selves and hear our spiritual calling. It is ultimately through the activity of Mercury, conditioning, expanding and awakening our perception, that we attune to higher consciousness and perceive our Divine Purpose. It is through Mercury that we realize our interconnectedness to one another, that the brotherhood (or sisterhood) of Humanity becomes the body of Humanity as we transcend separatism and realize the Divine Task of Humanity as Custodian of the Earth and her creatures.

At Soul level Gemini is ruled by Venus. Once the activity of Mercury has expanded our perception, we are open to the activity of Venus through the heart center. This brings a spiritual awakening in the form of a deep sense of communion and connectedness with all sentient beings. There is an awareness of Love, not as an idea, but as a living energy which permeates and radiates throughout all life. This shift in perception brings us to the realization of our interrelatedness with one another and all living things.

Mercury opens portals of communion between lower and Higher Self, so we connect with our inner ‘guru’, coach, or our own, wise Self. However, there is still a perceived duality, a separation, as experienced from the side of the personality. In last month’s article we looked at the harmonizing aspect of Venus, as experienced through physical matter in Taurus. Venus achieves harmony through the law of Right Relationship. What makes the difference between music and a collection of disharmonious sounds? It is the relationship between each note. When each note sounds in right relationship to the others, the human ear (and indeed all of existence) receives it as music: in other words, sounds that are played in harmony with one another.

As Venus begins her work Gemini moves from the lower octave to the Higher octave and begins harmonizing all perceived duality. It is the conditioning effect of Venus, and the law of Right Relationship, that allows Gemini’s Higher Octave to resolve all duality. Gemini has a unique role in the Zodiac and esoterically, it is the only sign that is connected with each of the other 11 Zodiac signs. This is because, according to the Tibetan*, Gemini will play a vital role in the future Astrology, be resolving all duality and polarities so that eventually we have six Zodiac energies rather than the currently perceived twelve. As Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, and so forth, synthesize into one energy. This synthesizing effect of Gemini is due to this unique relationship between Mercury and Venus, opening a pathway to Higher Love.

As this Mercury-Venus connection grows, clarifying and strengthening the Rainbow Bridge, the Soul presents ever more clearly and strongly to the individual. Hence the Soul keynote for Gemini:

“I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow”*

This speaks to the individual process of Soul recognition and identification, whereby eventually the Soul experience is so strong, the connection is such, that the individual realizes: this is who I Am. At that point the grip of the personality is loosened and the individual lives freely as a fully Soul-centered being.

There are many ways to describe this long journey from the head to the heart, but the simplest way is probably to think of it as a shift from fear to love. The fear-love polarity is just one of the polarities resolved in Gemini. Gemini has a unique role to play in the spiritual awakening and evolution of planet Earth, and this happens through the conditioning effect of Mercury-Venus on an awakening Humanity, such that Humanity recognizes it’s unique and vital role as custodian of Earth. We are here to be lovers: lovers of our Earth home. Just like nurturing Mothers or spiritual Midwives we are all here to hold our Earth-home in love as she goes through her own birthing process.

Esoteric Astrology* tells us of the unique relationship between Earth and Venus, sister planets, and the unique relationship that Gemini has with the heart of the Sun. (Esoterically Cancer is associated with the physical Sun, Aquarius with the central Spiritual Sun, and Gemini with the heart of the Sun).  Of the Seven Rays Gemini is only associated with Ray Two: Love-Wisdom, otherwise known as ‘the path of love’. Since Gemini rules Humanity, this gives us a clear indicator of the Divine purpose of Humanity: the reason we are here.

In exoteric Astrology the sign of Gemini is not usually associated with love and romance, and that is because it is not romantic love of which we speak here. It is the highest love that connects all sentient beings. It is said that God IS love, and that is the highest mystery of Gemini, and why Gemini is the sign that permeates and touches everything.

Gemini’s highest purpose is, through the conditioning effects of Mercury and Venus, to bring real, tangible, Love into everything he touches. To Love everything in existence, through right relationship, and the dissolution of all polarity: love-hate, male-female, friend-enemy, us-them, etc. until we experience ourselves living as one body. The body of Humanity. A ‘brotherhood’ of individuals breathing vitality and Love into the Earth.

The symbol for Venus (and our contemporary symbol for the female), a circle above a cross, is similar to the Egyptian Ankh. The Ankh is known as the breath of Life, and in Ancient Egyptian tomb-paintings the deity can often be seen holding an Ankh to the nose of the deceased Pharaoh to give him the breath of Life. It is said that Midwives in Ancient Egypt carried Ankhs for this reason, so they always had the breath of Life for the newborn.

This is a reminder of the conditioning effect of Venus in Gemini, connecting us all with Love-Wisdom, and the breath of Life. It is also a reminder of the importance of Gemini for the spiritual awakening of Humanity, and ultimately the evolution of planet Earth as she transcends and transforms into a sacred planet like her twin sister Venus. The journey begins as Humanity bridges the gap from our heads to our hearts.

Gemini season is especially important for all Humanity, in terms of spiritual awakening, and if you have Gemini or Sagittarius strongly placed in your chart it takes on a note of personal significance for you. It is potentially a time to open your heart and make the greatest shift in perception: to that of heart-centered living.

This year (2012) is of great significance, as on June 5/6th (depending where you are in the world) we have a transit of Venus crossing the Sun. This is a great alignment of the Loving, sacred feminine, energy of Venus (Gemini’s Soul ruler), with the heart of the Sun (Gemini) and the Earth (Gemini’s Hierarchical ruler) in the sign of Gemini (Humanity/Love-Wisdom) for the purpose of a great influx of love-wisdom. It’s purpose? To awaken a sleeping Humanity to heart-centered living and Divine Purpose as a living expression of Love-Wisdom.


Ruth Hadikin is a Soul Path Coach, Author and Soul Astrologer.

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* “Esoteric Astrology” the wisdom of The Tibetan (Master DK) as channeled by Alice Bailey.


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  1. Ruth, you are AWESOME! I AM, WE ARE a Gemini Soul. Everything you say is so on point it’s not even funny anymore. Thank you for teaching me about myself. You really know True Astrology. God Bless

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