8 thoughts on “About Ruth

  1. Hi Ruth,
    Just wanted to check your site out as I am on the BookBreakThrough with YOU!
    This is amazing!
    I have always enjoyed Astrology and I love the fact that you highlight various happennings that correlate.
    Will be following you…………hugs…DebToo (on simulcast) Deb

    1. Hi Sarah,
      The best thing is to try and find out! If you have any relatives who may remember your birth speak with them. See if it is on your birth certificate. In some countries birth times are recorded on birth certificates, so check yours – you may strike lucky! This can take time, but is by far the best way.

      I also like dowsing, using a pendulum, and have had some good results in the sense that what I got from dowsing really resonated with the client. But of course it is highly intuitive and can’t be considered to be precise.

      Then there is the process of chart rectification where the Astrologer uses key events in the native’s life to calculate the birth time. This is a lengthy process, and not one that I personally undertake. If a client wants this service I usually refer them to Alan Oken (http://www.AlanOken.com ) he is an excellent Astrologer and very, very precise!

  2. To Ruth,

    Just to let you know I am still around here (Findhorn) and doing astrology chart readings and producing our newsletters and articles. Where are you living now?

    With LOve, Errol

    1. Hello Errol, Good to hear from you! I’m in England, just outside Liverpool. I may be up to Findhorn to visit sometime this year, and hope to see you while I’m there.
      with love, Ruth

      btw folks contact Errol at rainbowzodiac@gmail.com for personal chart readings and/or to receive his newsletter. Also his book “Transpersonal Astrology” is available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

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