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Soul Path Astrologer Ruth Hadikin specializes in supporting you on your own greatest adventure: using Soul Astrology to explore your Soul Path and Life Purpose.




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16 thoughts on “About Ruth

  1. Hi Ruth,
    Just wanted to check your site out as I am on the BookBreakThrough with YOU!
    This is amazing!
    I have always enjoyed Astrology and I love the fact that you highlight various happennings that correlate.
    Will be following you…………hugs…DebToo (on simulcast) Deb

    1. Hi Sarah,
      The best thing is to try and find out! If you have any relatives who may remember your birth speak with them. See if it is on your birth certificate. In some countries birth times are recorded on birth certificates, so check yours – you may strike lucky! This can take time, but is by far the best way.

      I also like dowsing, using a pendulum, and have had some good results in the sense that what I got from dowsing really resonated with the client. But of course it is highly intuitive and can’t be considered to be precise.

      Then there is the process of chart rectification where the Astrologer uses key events in the native’s life to calculate the birth time. This is a lengthy process, and not one that I personally undertake. If a client wants this service I usually refer them to Alan Oken (http://www.AlanOken.com ) he is an excellent Astrologer and very, very precise!

  2. To Ruth,

    Just to let you know I am still around here (Findhorn) and doing astrology chart readings and producing our newsletters and articles. Where are you living now?

    With LOve, Errol

    1. Hello Errol, Good to hear from you! I’m in England, just outside Liverpool. I may be up to Findhorn to visit sometime this year, and hope to see you while I’m there.
      with love, Ruth

      btw folks contact Errol at rainbowzodiac@gmail.com for personal chart readings and/or to receive his newsletter. Also his book “Transpersonal Astrology” is available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

  3. Hi Ruth, I enjoyed your post about the tests of Scorpio, which have given some needed insight (much needed insight!). A note about Hercules and the Hydra – in the standard/usual Greek versions, he destroyed it by cauterizing the heads as he cut them off, and (I think?) taking dead aim at the one ‘eternal’ head, the source of its relentless power. Anyway, I’d be interested to know where you found a version that mentioned Hercules bringing the Hydra into the light. That’s an interesting detail I’ve not seen anywhere else!

    1. Hi Christine,

      Thanks for commenting – glad you enjoyed the post!

      The version where Hercules lifts the Hydra is from “The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Interpretation” by Alice Bailey, where it mentions that he “held the hydra high above him, that purifying air and light might have their due effect” (page 141).

      This has many implications from a spiritual perspective… he is holding the head higher, so it can be a metaphor for a higher perspective, and we might also think of a higher light, or the state of consciousness that the Tibetans refer to as ‘clear light mind’.

      Also, the eternal head or ‘immortal’ head that cannot be destroyed… can refer to consciousness itself. There is a lesson about us transforming our base desires, not by meeting each one head on, but rather by elevating our consciousness and realizing that awareness itself is immortal and cannot be destroyed.

      This version of Hercules differs somewhat from some of the classic Greek versions (and there are also variations within those – as different scholars attach their own unique interpretations) … it is helpful because of it’s potential for bringing deeper spiritual insight.

      1. Just a note on your reply – I teach myth and one of the often under-appreciated points is that myths can be reborn and re-figured almost endlessly, in new contexts, and with changed details that reveal as much about the new metaphorical meanings of the stories as they do about the person re-telling them, or about the culture in which they are re-worked. So your use of the version of Hercules’ Labors related to Astrological Interpretation makes a kind of perfect sense within the context of your website. Very interesting and fun.

  4. Hi Ruth, I enjoy reading your posts here and about the material you’ve selected to present. I find your perspectives helpful and ‘fresh’, in that positive sense of the word 🙂 That is, you seem to offer your own ideas and assessments, rather than reiterating something you read somewhere. In case you have any unique insight, I wanted to ask you about the Tibetan idea of ‘clear light mind’, that you mentioned. I know anyone anywhere can read up on all sorts of literature about this concept, but I wonder more specifically whether you have ever heard of anyone experiencing ‘white outs’, in the way that some people report ‘black outs’ that make a person feel as if they’re about to faint. When I first started to make big changes in my life (about 10+ years ago now), I would repeatedly experience ‘white outs’, where I felt somewhat sick to my stomach, would have to sit or lie down, and everything would turn bright white. I didn’t ever faint, but was regularly debilitated by these experiences, that would come upon me completely without warning or reason. After each one, I always felt an enormous sense of relief, as if something had been lifted out from me, something undesirable or spiritually toxic had shifted or been removed. I don’t get these ‘white outs’ as often anymore. I sometimes have ‘mini’ versions now, and I never understood them fully or found anyone who had experiences like this.
    But I could sum up and say that, even if these experiences made me feel really sick temporarily, the bright white light that I would see had a way of clearing out problems, and ‘re-setting’ something in me that made me feel (eventually, after about 20 minutes) renewed, cleared, restored (and a bit disoriented temporarily) on a higher, more purified level. I always had the sense that these were spiritual experiences, related to the ‘housecleaning’ that I was doing in my life. Let me tell you, at the time, it was like removing boulders, right and left, non-stop, for a while there. Now i’m more in the ’emptied out’, or ‘thoroughly gutted’ stage, and there’s less heavy lifting to do, and fewer (almost no more) ‘white outs’. Anyway, I would be really interested if you happened to know of any relatable experiences like this reported in esoteric literature, either with reference to the Tibetan ‘clear light mind’ or otherwise. Thanks for your thoughts about this, if you have any!

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience Christine – it’s very interesting indeed. I don’t have personal experience so am really not qualified to say – you would be wise to seek out a qualified spiritual teacher who might have some insights for you – but it doesn’t sound like clear light mind to me – because in clear light mind the quality is one of total clarity – rather than white light. Although it really does sound like a spiritual experience, perhaps it could be a stage on the way to clear light? Just an idea – I really don’t know.

      You might enjoy a book called “Waking From Sleep” by Steve Taylor – where he describes different spiritual experiences… but even so I would still recommend you seek advice from a spiritual teacher who has had personal experience of clear light mind and the Tibetan path of Dzogchen.

      You might find some help/resources in a Facebook group called “Dzogchen Discussion”.

  5. p.s. when the white outs came, I didn’t receive special information (like an epiphany or divine command). It was like losing consciousness or thoughts and mental orientation while I was still somehow awake, and incapacitated physically. So the white outs aren’t like Paul’s blinding vision on the road to Damascus, for example.

    1. It certainly seems like an experience of more light entering your body – and perhaps the reason why you don’t experience them so often now, is because your body has adapted and is more able to integrate the light, so you don’t experience it as ‘blinding’.

      So maybe you are on the way to clear light mind – either way, you might find the Dzogchen Discussion group helpful and informative. 🙂

  6. Hi Ruth, thank you for your thoughts about it, and for the suggestions. I hadn’t heard of Steve Taylor’s book, but it seems on point. I would really like to know more. In any case, I will check out the Dzogchen Discussion group! All best, Christine

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