Pisces Rising: The Pisces Soul

To understand the mysteries of this seemingly contradictory sign, we need to understand what is sometimes known as the ‘veil’ of our illusion: how it is our illusion that causes suffering, and how ‘disillusionment’ or ‘seeing reality as it truly is’ can be an end to suffering and lead to the Sacred Heart opening of Humanity…

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Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 2)

It is under the influence of Pisces that each ‘cell’ in the Sacred Heart of Humanity, each ‘drop’ in the ocean of consciousness, ripens, matures, and starts beating ‘in synch’ with the Divine. Such is the magnificence and importance of Pisces. There isn’t much that can be said that offers consolation to the personality. Pisces is associated with death because there is a symbolic death. Symbolically, the personality ‘dies’ in this sign – it ‘fuses’ with the Soul as the individual becomes fully Soul-Centered. … More Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 2)

Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 1)

The sign of Pisces embodies oceanic consciousness. Water signs are all about Mastery of emotions and mutable signs are all about change, so that gives us a clue to the higher purpose of this sign. Collectively, under the influence of Pisces, we are here to transform through our emotions. As the sign of oceanic consciousness Pisces is aware of, and experiences, the consciousness of humanity. This is why Pisces has the reputation of being the most sensitive sign of all. … More Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 1)