Pisces Rising: The Pisces Soul

To understand the mysteries of this seemingly contradictory sign, we need to understand what is sometimes known as the ‘veil’ of our illusion: how it is our illusion that causes suffering, and how ‘disillusionment’ or ‘seeing reality as it truly is’ can be an end to suffering and lead to the Sacred Heart opening of Humanity…

 … More Pisces Rising: The Pisces Soul


Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and The Inner Journey of Pisces

The ‘World Savior’ referred to here is the recognition of humanity’s true role in respect to our Mother Earth, when we have fully blossomed as a species and all our hearts beat as one, as the ‘sacred heart’ of humanity in Pisces. … More Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and The Inner Journey of Pisces

2013: Year of The Water Snake and a Grand Water Trine

When the element of water dominates the theme is always one of mastering our emotions. This means that we may experience circumstances that catalyze us collectively into ever expanding degrees of emotional awareness, emotional intelligence, emotional resilience, emotional competence and emotional literacy. The ability to deal with negative emotions like jealousy and anger and cultivate positive ones like empathy and afection. These are stepping stones in humanity’s journey towards limitless compassion. … More 2013: Year of The Water Snake and a Grand Water Trine

What Is Happening in the Universe?

For those of us still here, dealing with the loss of loved ones is part of our own path, and our healing. The changes we are currently experiencing are to help ‘soften’ our ego’s and open our hearts – preparing us to receive a major influx of heart-energy that happens with the powerful Venus Transit on June 5/6th this year (2012) which will increase our capacity for compassion toward one another, but we still need to make conscious choices, work through our own ‘stuff’ and choose the path of peace and love. … More What Is Happening in the Universe?

Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 2)

It is under the influence of Pisces that each ‘cell’ in the Sacred Heart of Humanity, each ‘drop’ in the ocean of consciousness, ripens, matures, and starts beating ‘in synch’ with the Divine. Such is the magnificence and importance of Pisces. There isn’t much that can be said that offers consolation to the personality. Pisces is associated with death because there is a symbolic death. Symbolically, the personality ‘dies’ in this sign – it ‘fuses’ with the Soul as the individual becomes fully Soul-Centered. … More Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 2)

Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 1)

The sign of Pisces embodies oceanic consciousness. Water signs are all about Mastery of emotions and mutable signs are all about change, so that gives us a clue to the higher purpose of this sign. Collectively, under the influence of Pisces, we are here to transform through our emotions. As the sign of oceanic consciousness Pisces is aware of, and experiences, the consciousness of humanity. This is why Pisces has the reputation of being the most sensitive sign of all. … More Pisces-Virgo: The Healing Heart (Part 1)

Virgo-Pisces: Returning (Part 1)

For any of us, one way to distinguish if we are personality-oriented or Soul-oriented, is to check whether we are internally or externally focused. When we are internally focused, we align with our Soul path and have an inner focus. We are conscious of our thoughts words and actions, our inner motivations and drives, and we follow our inner wisdom. When we are externally focused we are like a leaf blowing in the wind. … More Virgo-Pisces: Returning (Part 1)

Chiron in Pisces: The Healing Power of Self Pity (Part 2)

Another reason why you will need strong boundaries is that you might feel a very strong urge to withdraw from people and spend more time in solitude. This is natural and vitally important, because it creates the time and space that you need in order to go within and listen to your inner voice. … More Chiron in Pisces: The Healing Power of Self Pity (Part 2)

Chiron in Pisces: The Healing Power of Self Pity (Part 1)

When Chiron is in Pisces, we might suddenly find ourselves wallowing in self-pity. This is an attempt by our psyche to get our attention. You are requesting an audience with yourself. However, in this busy, chaotic world we live in, unless we have some regular practice such as meditation, few of us have the ability to really sit and be with ourselves. To be fully present, with a depth of care and attention, that can be healing. This is why many of us go to therapy – to simply learn to be with our own wounds. … More Chiron in Pisces: The Healing Power of Self Pity (Part 1)