Jupiter, Earth, and The Inner Journey of

Jupiter, Earth, and The Inner Journey of Sagittarius Hi everyone, In Soul Astrology many signs have a different planetary ruler at personality and Soul level. For Sagittarius Jupiter is the ruler at personality level while the Earth herself is the ruler at Soul level. This article explores the deeper meaning of Jupiter and the Earth … More Jupiter, Earth, and The Inner Journey of

The Six Polarities: Taurus-Scorpio #astr

The Six Polarities: Taurus-Scorpio #astrology #soulastrology Hi everyone, In this Wednesday’s newsletter we’ll be exploring the deeper meaning of the Taurus-Scorpio polarity. If you’re not on my mailing list here’s the link to add your name so you don’t miss it! http://ow.ly/LQs6M PS. You also get a free copy of “Your Essential Guide to Soul … More The Six Polarities: Taurus-Scorpio #astr