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#ZODIAC SIGNS Hi everyone, Did you know

#ZODIAC SIGNS Hi everyone, Did you know the Zodiac Signs can be seen as twelve stages in your Soul’s development? One of the books I have found most helpful, in terms of understanding Esoteric Astrology, is “The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Interpretation” by Alice A. Bailey. In this book the Tibetan Master, is explaining… More #ZODIAC SIGNS Hi everyone, Did you know

#Saturn-Neptune: Where Are Your Limitati

#Saturn-Neptune: Where Are Your Limitations Dissolving? Hi everyone, In this Wednesday’s newsletter we will take another look at the Saturn-Neptune square and how we might be experiencing it’s effects on a personal level… If you’re not on my mailing list here’s the link to add your name so you don’t miss it! http://ow.ly/LQs6M PS. You… More #Saturn-Neptune: Where Are Your Limitati