Pisces Rising: The Pisces Soul

To understand the mysteries of this seemingly contradictory sign, we need to understand what is sometimes known as the ‘veil’ of our illusion: how it is our illusion that causes suffering, and how ‘disillusionment’ or ‘seeing reality as it truly is’ can be an end to suffering and lead to the Sacred Heart opening of Humanity…

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Your Rising Sign: Your Soul Purpose

Your soul is indicated by your Rising sign (Ascendant). This is the sign that was rising on the horizon at the time of your birth and, as the dawn of your life, it is considered by soul-centered astrologers to be the most important sign in astrology, precisely because it indicates your soul’s path, purpose and expression. … More Your Rising Sign: Your Soul Purpose

Mercury, The Moon, and The Inner Journey of Virgo

After the Moon has done her earlier work in Cancer, creating the conditions for us to transform negative emotions into positive altruistic states such as compassion, she returns in Virgo to teach us how to flow the subtle physical energies of compassion through the subtle channels that have been created by Mercury. Again this is a two-way street that speaks to the highest purpose of Virgo. Through the channels created by Mercury and under the conditions created by the Moon, we experience a greater expansion of Divinity into physical form and come one step closer to experience our Soul: that ‘droplet’ of Divinity which resides within each of us. Likewise as a result of the expansion of the Human Heart and a greater flow of human compassion, there is a greater experience of human potential, within the Divine. … More Mercury, The Moon, and The Inner Journey of Virgo

Living Soul Astrology, Part One: Your Soul Sign

In Libra, there is an apparent “resting phase” where your Soul exercises ethical choice to harmonize opposite polarities. It is a time of synthesis. (Similarly, in childbirth there is also sometimes a brief resting phase after contractions and before pushing begins). This is important, because there is a kind of birth in Scorpio. … More Living Soul Astrology, Part One: Your Soul Sign