What is A Horoscope? Hi everyone, Have y

What is A Horoscope?

Hi everyone,

Have you ever wondered what a horoscope actually is? At it’s simplest level a horoscope is a kind of a diagram. It is all to easy to get lost in the diagram itself, with all the signs and symbols, however it is important to remember that a diagram is simply a drawing (of sorts) that represents something.

At a deeper level your natal horoscope (your birth chart) is a diagram that represents something very sacred indeed. It represents your entire energy field and can be considered symbolic of your own personal energy mandala…

read the full article at http://astrology-symbols.com/what-is-a-horoscope/

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PS this is my new astrology symbols blog where I’ll be focusing on the deeper meaning of the symbols and glyphs used in astrology. If you like what you read sign up to receive the monthly updates direct to your inbox!


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