Total Eclipse of the Full Moon and Summer Solstice 2011: Are You Ready? Your Heart Has Been Waiting For This! (Part 1)

On June 5-6 2012 during the Sun-Venus occultation in Gemini*, there will be an enormous pouring of Divine Love into this planet such as has never been known before. It will be, in effect, a Cosmic Heart-Opening and a vital stage in the evolution of human consciousness: another marked shift in our journey from being personality-centered beings to Soul-Centered Beings.

Many individuals will experience personality-soul fusion at that point, but only through preparation. You have to have done your preparatory work,  to ensure you have the capacity to be a container, a vessel, for this Divine love-wisdom.

The time between now and then is an essential preparatory period. We are currently experiencing waves of energies which are assisting us in preparing for this moment.

This week, on June 15 2011, there is a total lunar eclipse of the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This is directly related to the Gemini-Sagittarius role in the evolution of the planet Earth, the evolution of human consciousness, the activation of sacred heart energy, and Soul-Personality fusion in mass consciousness. It’s importance cannot be underestimated. We are living through momentous times, and your attention, your awareness, your focus, is vital.

We are living through momentous times, and your attention,
your awareness, your focus, is vital.

What can you do? Go within. These are vital times for Soul recognition. You are being bathed in energies right now which are magnifying your Soul’s vibration so you can forge a strong connection with your inner being. Sagittarius is the ‘seeker of truth’.

Have you ever wondered why the Divine Intelligence (or Angel) of  Sagittarius is symbolized by an Archer? The power of Sagittarius supports us in identifying the goal: aiming our arrow at the target, and directing our energies with precision to ensure we don’t miss. If you have ever tried to use a longbow (the traditional ‘bow and arrow’) you will realize the skill, strength, focused attention, precision and practice that is required to ensure the arrows consistently meet the target.

The lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is a timely reminder that we have to play our part, and we do so, by holding our focused intent. You could be forgiven for thinking ‘well if it’s all evolution, and it’s all happening anyway, then I don’t need to do anything, right?’ Wrong. You are needed. You are like a lens and you are required to focus the energy on the target.

Divinity gives the power to shoot the arrow at the target, but the Archer is required to focus and point the arrow in the right direction. You have to choose that direction. What is the direction? The direction is your inner journey, your heart. It is vitally important during these times that we all shift our attention inwards and actively walk our own, individual, Conscious Journey, with full awareness.

It is vitally important during these times that we all shift our attention inwards and actively walk our own, individual, Conscious Journey with full awareness.

The English word Sin was translated from the original Greek word Harmartia which literally means ‘missing the mark’. This refers to us being distracted by worldly concerns to the degree that we ‘forget’ our inward journey, and ‘miss’ the whole point of our existence. There is no greater ‘sin’ than missing the point of your whole existence: knowing who you really are – the truth of your Being.

Having our physical needs met, is a foundation to support our growth, but meeting our physical needs alone is not the point of our existence. Too many of us are ‘missing’, in that our lives have become about paying the mortgage, paying the bills, and simply meeting our immediate physical needs.

According to Alan Oken

“Eclipses of the Moon point to distinct changes of form that especially relate
to homes, family, and one’s general emotional state.”

This Full Moon is a final opportunity to check in, and ask yourself ‘am I headed in the right direction?’ The direction is within. Make sure you have your arrows pointed at the correct target, and that target is your Heart and Soul.

Many of us have not yet had a ‘Soul Awakening’, or conscious experience of our Soul. There is a very real possibility for this to happen for many people, over the coming months. Many more people will begin to recognize their Soul and have this conscious experience but again, for this to happen,  in spite of the distraction, fear and confusion in the world, you have to develop the capacity to keep at least some of your attention on your inner world.


In Part 2 we will say more about holding the focus of Sagittarius and what it means when the Sun enters Cancer, the sign of compassion, at the Summer Solstice.

Ruth Hadikin is a Soul Path Coach, Author and Soul Astrologer.

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*an occultation is where a smaller planet crosses the face of the Sun. If it were big enough, we’d call it a ‘Venusian eclipse’ but Venus isn’t big enough to ‘eclipse’ the Sun so it remains hidden. ‘Occult’ means ‘hidden’ (from the Latin Occultus) and so it is called an ‘occultation’: Venus remains ‘hidden’ even though it is passing in front of the Sun!


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