What Kind Of Werewolf Are You? The Agony and Ecstasy of A Full Moon.

Whenever we think of werewolves most of us can recall at least one ‘transformation’ scene from a movie where some poor soul, under the light of the full moon, undergoes a physical transformation into a werewolf.

While we may not necessarily turn into werewolves, nevertheless the Full Moon is indeed a time of potentially huge transformation.

The power of the Full Moon is etched into our collective psyche: not only with images of werewolves but even the word lunatic reflects our timeless association between the Full Moon (lunar) and ‘lunacy’ – crazy and erratic behaviour. Police, fire officers, paramedics, indeed anyone who works with people will notice the increase in ‘craziness’ around the Full Moon.

So how can this support us in our own spiritual journey? The Moon in our natal chart  indicates our shadow personality. Whoever we become, under the light of the Full Moon – is an aspect of our personality that is ready for  ‘healing’. Healing in the truest sense of ‘integration into the whole’ of who we are.

Who drives you crazy? The Moon Sign in our chart reveals our emotional side, through our relationships with others. When other people push our buttons, the real lesson is to look within and examine the nature of those buttons. When those buttons get well and truly pushed we tend to react through the emotional patterns of our Moon Sign. It is an opportunity to witness a side of our personality that is usually hidden from us. Being fully present with our emotions, rather than suppressing or denying them,  is part of the process of Soul integration and ultimately leads to inner transformation.

The Moon itself does not emit any light. In itself, it cannot shine. Whenever we see the Moon we are seeing reflected sunlight. So it is a good time psychologically  for reflection upon that which is normally in the dark. Our shadow is illuminated for a short time, giving us an opportunity for  healing and deeper integration on our spiritual journey: the journey of integrating all our personality traits into our Soul.

You could begin by keeping a Moon journal: each month, as the moon goes through her cycles, notice what comes up for you in your emotional world. Write 2 or 3 key words that describe your emotional state, such as irritable, tearful, joyful, envious, etc. Try to be specific each time rather than just using general terms like ’emotional’. Eventually this will allow you to identify distinctions between subtler emotional states. Over time you will notice a pattern emerging – you will see what kind of ‘werewolf’ you become!

Whenever we do any form of self-exploration we are bound to confront aspects of ourselves that we are uncomfortable with so It is very important to approach this with compassion for yourself – without self- criticism. In our return to wholeness, through accepting all aspects of ourselves (the so-called positive and the so-called negative)  we can be transformed. Ultimately our spiritual path will call upon us to reveal, befriend and embrace our very own ‘inner werewolf’!


Ruth Hadikin is a Soul Path Coach, Author and Soul Astrologer.

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